08 > 12 / 2019 - Artiste en résidence (artiste invitée)   x   Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux  

Attraper l'espace avec de la lumière, recherches sur les halos 

Catching space with light, halo research


4 mois de recherches pour maîtriser les halos de lumière, faire interagir lumière artificielle et lumière du jour, colorer les halos et les mélanger, traiter murs et sol comme surfaces réfléchissantes, chercher des textures de capture par reflet, mettre la lumière en espace dans l'architecture, exposition interactive, où le public transforme l'espace, choisit ses lumières et change en direct leur coloration,...


4 months of research were required in order to acquire the proper mastery of the halos of light, as well as being able to make interact natural daylight with artificial lights, to be able to color the halos and mix their emanations all together, as well as treating the surroundings, such as walls or grounds, as potential light reflecting surfaces. The process abled me to look for new textures by capturing glints of light, putting light in relation with the ambient architectural space, creating new ways of interactive exhibition, as well as having the possibility to choose a particular portion of light and changing its live coloration on command during the exhibition.